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Cinderella for Mac OSX

Use boxen instead of this project.

What It Gives You


Getting Started

Cinderella is a fully managed development environment for open source hacking on Mac OSX. It's powered by homebrew and chef. You only need Xcode 4.3 Standalone CLI Tools. to get started.

Cinderella builds everything up in ~/Developer by default. It won't stomp on any of your current installations so you don't have to commit your entire machine immediately. It's simple to rollback if you really want to.


Open up a terminal and run the following commands.

% sudo /usr/bin/gem install cinderella --no-rdoc --no-ri
% /usr/bin/cinderella

Cinderella can manage itself from here. Open up a new shell and you're ready to hack.


If for some reason you don't find cinderella to be amazing then you can easily uninstall it.

% cinderella --uninstall 


This project resulted from helping countless designers set things up. Watching more and more people stumble through something that should be simple enough. Here's a few of the things that influenced how cinderella came about.